5 Father's Day Gifts That Will Put That Macaroni Neck-Tie to Shame

Father’s day is coming up and if you are still procrastinating on getting dear ol’ Dad a gift…don’t feel too bad; he probably waits until the last minute to buy things for you as well or he lets Mom do it. However, showing up empty handed on Father’s day is a big no no. Whether he was there to teach you how to catch a baseball or steal the remote from you when he got home from a long day at work he is still the one you call Dad and deserves to be celebrated properly on his day. So here are 5 gift ideas for Dad on Father’s Day!

deer antlers
Growing up Dad never let you forget that it was his job to put food on the table for you and your family, and sometimes he meant that literally! You can’t even recount how many hunting trips he took you on, and the time you shot your first 9point buck was the proudest moment of his life.

IMG 6159
Dad has always been king of the house (even if he was too humble to ever give himself that title), and a king deserves to have a handsome throne to settle himself in when he comes home to his castle!

IMG 6161IMG 6163
Sometimes Dad needs alone time and will retreat to a solitary area, a “cave” if you will, to be alone and do “manly” things. During this time he shouldn’t be restricted to using the old futon and bean bag chair from his (or your) college dorm days. He needs real furniture that he can enjoy and ponder all of the complex thoughts he may have…or play solitaire on his laptop.

IMG 6165IMG 6167
Dad doesn’t have time to decorate his space. He’s too busy doing more manly things, like cutting fire wood or riding around on his motorcycle like the awesome guy that he is. You can help him out though with a simple gift this Father’s day.

IMG 6171
Then sometimes, just a simple sign is all it takes to say, "Hey Dad, I love you!"