Returns, Pick up & Delivery Policies


1. Refund Policy: 24 hours full refund, 48 hours store credit. Any return must be in original condition including original packaging.

2. There will be a 25% cancellation fee on all special orders.

3. In the event of damaged or defective merchandise, which is our responsibility, the seller will, at its option, choose to repair or replace in order to correct the damage or defect.

4. All warranties are subject to each manufacturers terms and conditions.

5. Before setting furniture up, be sure to remove: (a) Skids and thoroughly wipe bottom edges of furniture in order to protect your carpet. (b) Casters on bottom of entertainment centers: These are attached for shipping purposes only and could present a safety hazard if not removed. You must remove all casters.


1. No product will be released without WHITE copy of the invoice.

2. Make sure the product will fit in to your vehicle prior to attempting to pick up.

3. Bring rope, adequate wraps and blankets to protect the product.

4. We will assist in loading product in to your vehicle, but you are responsible for tying and securing load. Due to insurance reasons we are not authorized to tie down loads.

5. Customer Will Call/Pick-Up Policy - As a courtesy to our Valued Customers, we sometimes aid in the "Will Call/Pick-Up" process by assisting in the loading of Customer's merchandise. However, we assume no risk and/or liability for any personal and/or property damage that may occur as a result.

6. The vendor could ship an imperfect or incorrect item to us. Please check your merchandise while loading. It is your responsibility to return any damaged or incorrect item for exchange.


1. Please check to ensure that the delivery address, home phone number, work phone number, and directions are correct on the invoice and or delivery contract.

2. An authorized person over the age of 18 must be present to sign for the delivery.

3. Please ensure that the area in which you want your new furniture placed is clear. Our delivery schedule will not allow time to accommodate the rearrangement of existing personal property.

4. Furniture Market and its employees are not responsible for accidental damage of your walls, floors, staircases, antiques, art, etc. during delivery. Thank you for shopping at Furniture Market We appreciate your business and We look forward to serving you again.